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The Best Kitchen Tools for Under a Buck: 99 Cent Food Handler

The 99 cent food handler are a fantastic find for anyone looking to outfit their kitchen with inexpensive yet functional gadgets and utensils. Meal preparation is made simpler and more enjoyable with these affordable kitchen tools. There are plenty of options available, so you’re sure to find 99 cent food handlers that work for you.

99 cent food handler


Let’s start with the 99-cent peelers. Having a high-quality peeler is crucial when preparing fruits and vegetables. Manually peeling can be challenging and time-consuming. Peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, and other produce is quick and easy with a good peeler. The best part is that getting a good peeler won’t cost you a lot of money. You can get simple plastic peelers with sharp blades for 99 cents at most dollar and supermarket stores. Even better, and still very reasonably priced, are the more expensive ones with swiveling metal heads. You’ll glide through the peeling jobs if you have an excellent peeler.


A grater is another useful 99-cent food handler. A simple four-sided box grater with several grating settings is useful for slicing chocolate, veggies, cheese, and many other foods. The straightforward box size requires little storage space and slides into drawers with ease. Sharper-toothed graters with a larger surface area are more effective but can cost an additional two or three bucks. For most everyday cooking needs, the 99-cent basic grater works nicely. Upgrade if you need ultra-fine grating options or need to grate big amounts of hard objects.


Another essential item for any kitchen is a can opener. Most people prefer the speedy convenience of a can opener over opening cans by hand because it can be risky. Simple manual can openers that only cost 99 cents and have big handles and sharp cutting wheels make opening cans fast. Value models function well, but the more appealing versions with integrated magnets to catch lids are more expensive.


A basic 99-cent citrus juicer is the ideal instrument for juicing citrus fruits. Compared to manually squeezing lemons, limes, and oranges, these useful devices extract more juice. Through the rind, the metal juicing cone extracts juice directly into a basin or measuring cup below. For 99 cents, you can get a citrus juicer that should last for years.

Salad Spinners

Vegetables and salad greens can be quickly rinsed and dried with plastic salad spinners. These 99-cent devices spin water off leaves using centrifugal force and a pump handle. Greens are held in the basket and water is collected in the bowl below. In order to prepare nutritious salads and side dishes, salad spinners are a huge assistance. Inexpensive models work effectively and don’t take up much room.

Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats offer a nonstick surface that works well for roasting vegetables, baking biscuits, and other uses. Unlike pans or tins, these flexible sheets stop food from sticking. Cleaning up is simple—just wash or run something through the dishwasher. Although premium silicone matting can run you $10–20, dollar stores sell inferior models for about 99 cents. They are nonetheless helpful even though they might not last as long as more expensive brands.


You can also find meat tenderizing mallets in dollar stores, which are an excellent kitchen tool. To break down strong muscle fibers and connective tissue, meat is pounded with a soft mallet. This improves the tenderness and chewability of steak and chicken cuts. Wooden mallets are effective, but metal mallets with spiky faces are the most effective and only cost 99 cents. Just before cooking, a few good pounds with the mallet tenderize meats wonderfully.

Cutting Board

Having a set of plastic cutting boards on hand is helpful for slicing veggies and meat. Different colored boards are used for produce and raw meat, respectively. In the kitchen, this helps avoid cross-contamination. While they are quite functional, basic dollar store cutting boards may eventually get stains or grooves. Change them out on a regular basis or upgrade to more robust boards.


Plastic tongs, spatulas, and spoons round up your 99-cent kitchen tool set. The correct utensils simplify cooking activities and help prevent costly cookware from scratching. Long-handled spoons prevent burns to your hands, while silicone-tipped tongs protect nonstick cookware. Once dollar store utensils do the job, don’t spend too much on them.


Hourglasses or kitchen timers are another low-cost kitchen tool. Having a good timer is crucial for monitoring cooking times. While basic hourglasses or egg timers also function, digital options offer accuracy and alarms. For most kitchen operations, 99-cent timers are sufficient as long as they maintain a precise enough time.


And lastly, remember to bring the kitchen shears. Meat, huge fruit, herbs, open packaging, and much more can be sliced with sharp culinary shears. Kitchen shears are significantly simpler to use than heavy knives for many jobs. While high-quality stainless steel shears can reach $20 in price, dollar store models only cost 99 cents. Even though the less expensive models might not last forever, they nevertheless provide practical kitchen usefulness.

As you can see, food handlers for 99 cents offer excellent value in the kitchen. Without going over budget, stock up on peelers, graters, scoops, timers, and much more. Food preparation can be simplified with even the most basic of dollar store tools, however quality may vary. Stock your kitchen with these affordable, useful gadgets. Add a cheap spatula or peeler to your cart the next time you see one to expand your collection of 99 cent food handler. Have fun in the kitchen!


What kinds of 99 cent food handlers are available?

The article lists a wide variety of food prep tools, many of which are available for as little as 99 cents, including peelers, graters, juicers, salad spinners, scoops, mixing bowls, baking mats, meat tenderizers, cutting boards, tongs, and kitchen shears.

Where can I purchase these inexpensive cooking tools?

A variety of kitchen gadgets and gizmos are frequently available for just 99 cents at dollar stores, big box retailers, and cheap grocery stores. Look for inexpensive peelers, graters, scoops, and other practical food handlers in the kitchenware sections.

To what extent is the 99 cent food handler quality up to par?

Even while the quality won’t be as good as more costly ones, a surprising number of inexpensive 99-cent food carriers perform admirably. Although they might not last as long as more expensive models, plastic or basic metal cutlery can nevertheless operate for a penny.

Should I instead purchase more expensive brands?

Investing in higher quality for durability may be justified for kitchen equipment that are used frequently. However, affordable 99-cent tools are a wonderful choice for gadgets that are used occasionally. Combine high-end and low-cost pieces to personalize your kitchen.

What advantages do 99 cent food handlers offer?

The primary advantage is affordability; you may accumulate a variety of useful cooking tools without going over budget. Additionally, 99-cent tools require little storage space. Considering how cheap they are, changing them out once in a while is not a huge concern because they are disposable.

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