Wildflower Loop

This trail begins at the East Entrance and proceeds for 0.5 miles through a meadow with seasonally varying wildflower displays. A list of the flora you will encounter on the trail  is available here. A brochure describing the loop (courtesy of Natalie Aldrich) complete with photographs of the plants that you can check off while on your walk is available here.

Upland Trail

This trail is approximately 3.0 miles long as a loop. It may be accessed at either the East or Main entrances. It proceeds through a mix of successional forest and meadow habitats including some nice stands of cedar (Arbor vitae).

Observation Tower Trail

This trail begins at the parking area of the main entrance. The trail is a one mile there-and-back walk. The tower rises about 20 feet above the land and provides for expansive views over the Upper and Lower Lakes Wildlife Management Area. Don't forget your binoculars or spotting scope.

Lowland Trail

This trail begins at the end of the boardwalk - see above. It is marked a numbered interpretative trail - don't forget to pick up a brochure at the parking lot kiosk.

This trail creates a 1.5 mile loop from the end of the boardwalk. It travels through lowland forest habitat and opens out into extensive views of the central region Upper and Lower Lakes WMA. It is a great trail for spotting waterfowl and other wetland animals. This trail allows one to appreciate the intent of the WMA as an area to improve waterfowl habitat. The lowland trail also offers numerous mature tree species.

Boardwalk and Observation Deck Trail

This trail is fully handicapped accessible. It is also developed as an interpretative trail with descriptive signs to increase one's awareness of the environments of the trail. These signs are a result of the generous support of The Sweetgrass Foundation.

This trail begins at the main entrance parking area and is approximately one mile as a loop. It travels over 750 feet as a boardwalk with views of a pond and an extensive beaver impoundment. At the farthest point of the trail is an observation deck that overlooks the marsh. This is a great trail for young children and the elderly to experience a diversity of habitats and potentially site some wildlife.

Trail Map

  <= Here is a link to a large (1 mb) trail map.  Right-click to save or click to open.



The Fall 2020 Indian Creek Nature Center Newletter is available here